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About Us

About us

The origin of our information security conference traces back to a humble yet simple notion, born out of an informal chat. The question “Why not put on a security conference of our own to support the information security community?” That is how this journey started. Well, that and a motivation to set a date even before we had a location for the conference, much less a name, but I did have a ‘codename.’

Together, Emily and Don envisioned a conference that wasn’t just another event in the calendar but a meaningful platform for both experienced professionals and newcomers in the field. They aimed to create an environment where knowledge would be shared, skills honed, and networks built, all while addressing the current and emerging challenges of the information security landscape.

Their combined experiences, Emily’s prior conference leadership, and Don’s perspectives and knowledge, were the perfect blend to start this venture. The conference was designed to be more than just a learning experience; it was intended to be a community-driven event where everyone, from experts to novices, could find value, support, and inspiration.

This is how our conference was born – out of a desire to give back to the information security community, to foster growth and collaboration, and to create an event that truly resonates with and benefits those who are part of this ever-evolving field.

Don Dobson - Founder

Don is an information security professional with over a quarter-century of experience, beginning a career as a penetration tester and evolving into a firewall engineer before mastering a broad range of competencies in the information security realm. Renowned for a profound skill set that encompasses Application Security, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Management, and Security Architecture, Don has consistently demonstrated prowess in designing robust security solutions and executing sophisticated risk modeling and mitigation strategies. Adept in leading Security Assessments and Testing, Don has also excelled in the realms of Security Design and Cloud Security, showcasing a versatile understanding of both traditional and modern security landscapes.

Further, Don’s career is marked by unique leadership in Team Development, cultivating a culture of adding value, delivery and putting team members first across various organizations. This leadership is complemented by a solid background in Management and a strategic approach to Financial Planning & Efficiency. Don’s journey from hands-on technical roles to strategic leadership positions reflects a deep commitment to advancing the field of information security, with a unique ability to translate complex security concepts into actionable business strategies.

Don with Grey background

Emily Dobson - Founder

Emily is carving a niche for herself in the cybersecurity landscape, underscored by her leadership and organizational skillset, particularly during the recent BloomCON Security Conference. Taking the helm as the lead organizer in mid-2022, she skillfully navigated the complexities of the event, demonstrating her capacity to manage large-scale projects and effectively coordinate diverse conference challenges. This accomplishment builds upon her valuable experience gained from assisting with the same conference previously. Further cementing her commitment to the cybersecurity community, Emily was an organizer in the 2023 BSidesPhilly Cybersecurity Conference contributing to its planning and execution.

In the early stage of her cybersecurity career, Emily is rapidly developing a diverse skill set, beginning with security compliance, where she has adeptly mapped NIST 800-53 Controls and aligned application security policies. Her initiative in leading two penetration testing efforts and developing CMMC assessment packages, along with conducting GAP Analysis based on CMMC 2.0 and NIST 800-171 standards, showcases her budding expertise. Emily has also contributed to enhancing infrastructure security through System Security Plan updates and formulating Access Management Policies. Emily’s commitment to applying industry best practices in project execution reflects her dedication to quality and her potential for growth in the cybersecurity domain.