Boardwalk Bytes

Yair Frankel – Emerging Technology: Cyber’s Friend and Foe

Traymore B Bally's Conference Room

Emerging technologies are both a friend and a foe. As a friend such technologies may enable your business and possibly the cyber team with new capabilities to improve the organizations’ […]

Eric Ackerman – Show What You Know: Certifications in Cybersecurity

Traymore B Bally's Conference Room

Industry and vendor certifications are integral to many occupations. But information technology and cybersecurity offer a particularly large number of available credentials. How do you choose the ones most worthwhile […]

Chris Maenner: Transforming Startups with Cloud Automation

Traymore B Bally's Conference Room

In the rapidly evolving cloud landscape, startups face unique security challenges that demand innovative and scalable solutions. This presentation explores the pivotal role of Kubernetes Operators in automating security practices […]